For over a decade Janet introduced The Character Tool Kit at schools, community events and in the homes of family and friends.  Below are some of the comments received:

“I would like to work with teens who have been brought up with these tools since they were in elementary school.  It would be easier to work with them if they had this background early on.”
~School Resource Police Officer, Marlboro, NJ.

“It takes a lot to get me interested, so I thank you for bringing this wonderful program to us. I’m very excited to incorporate the character development tool kit into our lesson plans.” Police Captain Doug, Marlboro, NJ

“We like your character stickers. We can hand them out at our school visits & community programs.”  NJ State Police Community Services Officer

“If we could teach these character tools beginning at a young age & all the way through adult hood maybe we wouldn’t have to have situations like the Virginia Tech tragedy.”  Applegate Elementary School, Freehold, NJ. YMCA Staff Member & Mom. 2007.

“I think the tools are great as napkins.  I want the books in digital format to buy or download on line. I love conversation starters, be they at home, a coffee shop, school, a restaurant.  I like writing my own note on these & sending it in with my preschooler’s lunch.  I am placing an order!!! Love them all!”
~Mother of a 6-year old.

“I like it. I can see putting these up on my smart board and having the kids interact with me. I could talk every day on a new topic for a year with your new character tools. What if you sold them to schools on a thumbnail file?”
~HS teacher

“A single mom of a 2- year old notices a paper towel roll on her counter. She unrolls the paper towels to read:  I appreciate you Mom. I have a lot of respect for you Mom. I care about you Mom. Mom says: “Well this is a Quicker Picker Upper.”