Postcards From Home are simple tools with simple messages that foster

esprit de corps in just a moment.

  • Reinforce core values & healthy language in the workplace.
  • Facilitate communication, engagement & relationships.
  • Acknowledge positive behavior & best practices.
  • Let employees, customers, vendors & your surrounding community know you see them, hear them & appreciate them…in just a moment.

How to use Postcards From Home™ to strengthen your organization’s culture, employee engagement, team performance & relationships with internal and external customers.

  • You can hand deliver a postcard to a co-worker’s desk.
  • You can mail out a postcard to your team, your organization, your customers & vendors.
  • You can combine digital communication with a real “mail moment” to increase impact of your message.

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I was just thinking of you too.
I appreciate you too.
I have a lot of respect for you too.
I really like you too.
I remember you too.

I notice you too.

I celebrate you too.
I care about you too.
You can count on me too.

Thank you.