Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in ACTION with MIT-based DIALOGUE Facilitation.

We are being sought after to assist organizations in navigating the complex CHANGE agenda which includes facilitating healthy conversations on the essential topics of DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION and the meaning of INTERSECTIONALITY in the workplace, at home and in our communities.


DIALOGUE Facilitation Applied to Race Relations & Reconciliation

Our team was honored to work with Rev. Caldwell, a beautiful and wise man who in 2020 carried forward the mission he enrolled in when walking with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Take a moment to hear his wisdom which was part of a leadership team meeting.

Keynote topics

Dr. Dale Caldwell is a keynote and motivational speaker carrying on his father’s legacy with a passion to alleviate poverty and significantly improve the economic health and financial strength of the black family.  At Fairleigh Dickenson University, Dale is the Executive Director of The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and serves as the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council.

Dr. Caldwell will tailor his message to the specific needs of your organization. Current topics include:

The Intelligent Influence Framework applied to Race Relations.

The Black Family: Past, Present, Future

Black Wall Street: The Past, Present, and Future of Black Excellence

Carrying the Black Family Mission Forward: Influences from Mom and Dad.  (Dr. Caldwell’s Father, Reverend Gilbert H. Caldwell, knew and marched with Dr. King.)

I Have a Dream Business Table Talk collection in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
& Everyday Dreamers.

Our team of trainers and facilitators use Table Talk Tools™ to make it easier for teams at work, at home, at school & in the community to engage in ongoing conversations and storytelling that moves into coordinated action.

Storytelling is easier when we use our baseball diamond framework to keep the story on track and digestible for others.