Thank you to published writers. Your wisdom on NO & YES inspired my book.

While reading the many articles on the topic of no and yes I found my way into an authentic engagement across the internet miles around the globe from India to Australia to California and right back here to my own back yard in New Jersey. Thank you to the enthusiastic published writers who so graciously gave their permission to quote their work with an immediate and clear YES. Thank you to my dear colleagues. Here is some of their wisdom quoted in my new book, N.O. Spells No. Y.E.S. Spells Yes. Maybe So? It’s Got to Go.

While I live my life now in the zone of either “hell yes” or “hell no”; it wasn’t always this way. Ashley Stahl

Say NO when it really matters, but say YES to help you break cycles that are keeping you stuck in the present. Unless you say YES, you will never really know what might unfold. Adam Sicinski

(About saying the word YES) The word itself is inviting and empowering. It’s like saying, “World, I got this! Susie Moore

The word NO is a powerful thing. Use it if you are absolutely, unequivocally sure that there is no other answer. And don’t apologize for saying it. If need be, practice saying the word until it loses its power over you. Zahra Campbell-Avenell

Like Jobs and Buffett, it’s hushing that loud voice in your head when it tempts you with yet another sexy proposition that might steer you off course. You say a resounding NO! when it asks, “Should I take this opportunity? It may never come around again. Marcel Schwantes

…[R]eally successful people have to say No to temptations. Temptations come in different forms and shapes: new ideas, new projects, new people with creative things in mind…But they understand that saying Yes to most of the things they get across, they’ll start losing their edge on the thing that made them unique, special, and really successful in the first place. That’s why early on they have to learn how to say No and deal with the consequences. Gonzalo Arzuaga

It means a lot when people respond to requests and respond with an enthusiastic Yay Yes. Let’s take a lead from these writers and find someone today to respond with your enthusiastic YES to their spoken or unspoken request and notice how that feels.

Check out their articles:

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  1. There is such power in both “yes” and “no”. Being true to your inner guide in using them is key. I love your book and your practice that it includes, right in the pages of saying “yes” and “no”…. the visual of the words on the page, makes it come alive and real.

    1. Donna, Thank you so very much for your comment and all of the support you offer through

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